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Well, I’ve made it through the 30 Day Disney Challenge. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I know I had fun. Before I wrap it up though, I wanted to add a 31st day for a few honorable mentions- other favorite characters or films that never really got a chance to shine in the previous 30 days.

Cinderella. Belle may be my favorite Princess, but Cinderella is a very close second. I love that she is able to remain loving, hopeful and strong despite everything that happened to her.

Percy from Pocahontas. Percy was a great foe and later friend for Meeko. All of the scenes with him and/ or Meeko in it are by far the highlights of the film for me.

Nana from Peter Pan. I felt bad only giving Peter Pan “Least Favorite Song” because there are some things that I really like about the film, especially the Darling’s adorable, long-suffering nursemaid.

Charlotte La Bouff from The Princess and the Frog. Lottie was hilariously outrageous, but I also liked that she really had a heart and was a good friend to Tiana.

Rajah from Aladdin. Rajah is such a sweetheart. Who wouldn’t want a pet tiger just like him?

Humphrey the Bear. I always loved whenever one of Humphrey’s cartoons used to come on. They’re not very well remembered now, but I always thought they were some of Disney’s funniest.

Ratatouille. This is such a beautiful film. I really loved the story, the music and its gorgeous depiction of Paris.

Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible. I know the challenge never specifically included television shows, but if I’m listing out my favorites from Disney, I have to include Kim Possible’s quirky sidekick.

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